22 March 2011

Confucian's Night!

Saturday, I attended Confucian's Night with my Boyfriend and his families too, because his brother, Jet, was  having performance that night, so we went there to support him! :D

After having dinner at his house, we headed to his school around 7pm. Too bad Boyfriend and I were being late, so we had to wait outside until the VIP finished their speech, then we just allowed to get into the hall.
Because it was free seating, we eventually we sat at the last second row, and the boys and girls around us were being so noisy!
Well, i think they should learn how to respect to others people and also the performers D:

Following are the performers:

Dancing Club :)

Western Sword! 
Actually I was kinda shocked when I saw this, I think it is kinda special cause not many school will have this club.
The funny thing is when they were showing their skills, suddenly a guy came out and danced with the sword.So, was there any relationship between the dance and the sword? ._.

Wushu - one of our favourite performance! 
Seriously they are much more than wushu club of our school, because they have more weapons :D

One of the song they played on that night was 你不知道的事 by LeeHom. Damn nice :D

管乐团 - Jet is inside here, can you spot him? ;)
We had a very special way to recognize him..

Me: Dear, where's your brother aa?
Boyf: Nehh, that one who sat beside.. *pointing*
Me: Oh yea, I saw it. I saw his G-shock! 
Boyf: HAHA!

The plot was kinda funny and the story was about the effect of gambling.

Guitar Group! 
The songs that performed - Wake Me Up When September Ends by Green Day and 情非得已 by 庾澄庆
Not really nice because we couldn't hear the sound of guitar at all, just heard the voice of vocalist ;(

The way they performed was same as the choir group of our school last few years - holding a candle.

The boys put on make up on their face and looked like boys-who-changed-sex, but luckily they are kinda handsome. HAHA! 

I like the session when they played it at night, just looked like cartoon and it was so cuteee :D

Here's my favourite performance! *screammmmm*

I really love it, without any reason! :D
I'm glad that Boyfriend has recorded it, so that I can watch it whenever I want to :p

Around 11pm, the night ended and I think all the performances were so successful!
Take photos before leaving..

His profile picture currently! :D

I better used my sweater to cover myself - I looked like vampire girl :(

We had supper at Kepong before heading home.
Credits to Boyfriend for fetching me, I know he is tired driving for such long journey.
Gotta sayang you more and more and moreeeee! *huggies*

I want you be mine always! :)

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