30 March 2011

Confession #1

情侣之间, 多多少少难免会有一点摩擦. 每当我遇到的时候, 最不能冷静的是我自. 还好, 还有一个很体谅我的他! :D 但我知道, 总有一天对方也会觉得很累.. 唯一的解决方法就是改变自己!

我不会再轻易放弃你.. 我会捉紧你 - 就算掉到万丈深渊, 我也会陪你一起掉 :)

You promised me that you won't ever leave me and take care of me forever. I believe in you. I won't make you breaking those promises, I swear. 

I love you kiss on my forehead; I love to kiss on your forehead too. It makes me to be calm :)

million I LOVE YOU to you Jeremy Teh Jee Han ♥

stay sweet :)

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