15 March 2011


Oh well, actually this is one no-point-post, that's why it is untitled. LAME ;p

Anyway, finally I change the background of my blog! Before that, the background of my blog was a girl who showing her half boobs, and many people asked me that same question - Is that you?!
OMG, it isn't me for sure, my boobs aren't as pretty as that girl larh :p

I love my new background of my blog, you know whyy? HA! The background picture is actually from the wrapper paper of my valentine's present! That's why I love it so damn much :D
I changed my blog header as well. I am not as creative as other bloggers, can make or design their own header :( 
So I just simply find one nice picture from Tumblr, add in my blog link and resize it. After that, everything is doneeeee. TADAAAAA! :D

Hope that you guys are able to see my words clearly! Well, if they made your eyes, please tell me! I will try to change it again :)

Time to sleep people! Goodnight! :)

Wish you happy :)


nut-.-ME said...

Hai there...
new follower here.....^ ^

1st --> <3 ur blog. it's simple but at the same time it look NICE...:D
2nd --> did u really <3 pink? hehe (dunno y I ask this. maybe bcoz pink look sweet for ya.)
3rd --> do u have FB?

I do follow you @ twitter too. ;)
mine is - @cakciboo

Eugene ! said...

Hai there, nice to meet you! :D

1st, really thank you that you love my blog x)
2nd, I don't really love pink, just i feel it looks nice on my blog. HAHA!
3rd, yerp, I do have facebook! my name is Eugene Foo :)