10 March 2011

What's Your Team? ;)

I didn't update my blog for quite a long time, time to update bout something ;)

As you guys know, Boyfriend-ku is futsal and football kaki. Few days ago, he and his friends made up a team and named it as DX Fc :)
DX is stand for.. I'm not sure should I tell you all about this ._.

Last Sunday, I followed them to futsal court and did some photo shooting for them. There was an Indian guy asked whether I'm doing documentary or magazine. Kinda shocked cause I didn't look pro at all, just tell him that I'm just simply shooting.

Back to topic, Boyfriend fetched his bro, Jet and I for lunch in the afternoon.

999 restaurant! We ordered the same food that day - soya bean and fried spaghetti. Before that I really didn't know there's fried spaghetti such thing, oh yeah, until my Boyfriend told me :p
Kinda nice, those who haven't try it must try it! 

His MSN display picture currently ;D

With pink colour cover, so sharp eeee :)

After having our lunch and preparing ourself, we straight away headed to Futsal City which located at Kepong. The players gathered at futsal court around 2pm and did some warm up exercise. 

Get ready for the warn up session!

The F50 user :)

Warm up session!

Everyone was so concentrate uh? :)

Before the game started, they did some practice on shooting.

DX Fc's captain - Jeremy Teh

His brother - Jey, with the blue shoes.

The games started! Photo session ;)

Above are just part of the album. For more photos, please refer to our official album on our page!

Result of The Day:
  • First match: 2-1 W
  • Second match: 2-0 W
  • Third match: 3-2 W
  • Fourth match: 3-3 D
  • Fifth match: 3-1 W
  • Sixth match: 4-2 W

We are finding more team to play together. Don't worry, we just play for fun and for sure, we don't hope anyone will be injured in the game. 
So anyone who is interested, please don't be hesitate to let me know x)
I really wish more people will come to us, so see you guys soon! :D

We fight for victory!

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