04 May 2011

Mothers' Day Celebration

Oh well, it was another lovely Sunday! We had early Mothers' Day celebration at one Chinese restaurant near our house with grandmum and other relatives too :)
We made it earlier because some of my relatives would be not free on the next few weekdays. I think my grandmum was kinda happy, cause everyone attended, except my sister went Sunway Lagoon with her friends -.-

Ignore this please /.\

It was raining and we went there around 8pm. Whao, it was so crowded until we had to stand under the rain and waited for it. Luckily my aunty booked earlier, or not I really don't know when we could our seats.

Discovering Daddy's new phone while waiting for the others

Playing with chillies ._.

All my relatives reached there after 10 minutes, finally I met my cousins, seriously long time didn't meet with them.
Oh yea, we got few new members! Last few months they were just laying on the bed, then now they could walk! Ohh, time flies :D

Brian - a hyperactive boy!

Jing Yan - kept on grabbing my rice when I was eating ._.

Hao Hao - Love this kid the most, but he is kinda violence.

He used that glass cup to cover his face xD

Xiang Xiang - he is much more cuter than his bro!

Jason - Xiang Xiang's bro. See?! Told you that Xiang Xiang is cuter -.-

Guess what? The food were all MEAT! I felt so guilty to eat so many meat and non of them was VEGETABLE! Pray hard for those pity animals.
We got 10 kinds of meat - prawn, pork, fish, abalone and etc etc. Omitofo :(
Finishing all the food, we fulled till stomachache, it was really really really very F-U-L-L-E-D!

Photo session again, just too bored:

Heineken still better larh ;)

 My cousin sister! Damn silly larh her xD

My aunt and cousins at the back :D

Hello! All looked alike here x)

Aiyak, too bad didn't take photo with grandmum, everyone liked kinda rushing on the day. After having dinner, everyone just went home, I thought there was hugging-grandmum-session :(

Anyway, I still love you grandmum! :')


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