13 April 2009


Today is Monday
I hate Monday because have to back to school
And i hate Add Maths sometimes because my head going to explode
Boooooom ~ !

Nothing special for today's school
Just kept on finding the chance to practise our songs
But the things that didn't changes was my classmates' attitudes
They still didn't want to give us more cooperation

Hey the singing competition is coming
If all of you wanted to lose and memalukan diri sendiri
Just keep on like this

Went back home after school
Saw my sister was doing her revision
Think her exam is coming again
Done my tuiton homework, Physic
Great ! I hate calculation

On9 and found no one !
Luckily still got Xuxu ..
Chatted sampat sampat things with her
She is damn funny and sampat all the time
But i still love her !

Sms Mr.Kang again and hope he can reply me this time
But think no
He didn't reply my msg
Great ! Great ! Great !
Well .. ahemm ...

Amer appeared off9
He called me in MSN
We sang together !
He played the guitar and i sang
My mun saw i am talking and laughing to the computer
She thought i am crazy

Viewed his blog again
He wrote new post
Great ! made me miss him

After read through his blog, finally knew what he wants for his birthday
A coffee maker !
Hahas !
He loves coffee very much

13 days to go
Going to buy a coffee maker for him ?
Hahas !

Learn to drink coffee onwards

I love you

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