17 April 2009


Went back home after school
He sms me, and finally he replied my msg
But unfortunately not because he miss me, just because angry with me

He asked me to stop contact with someone
But I just don't know what was going on between you both
I talked to him, but I didn't know what happened between you and him

If you blamed it on me, just stop blaming
I had apologized to you
I was sorry for what i had done
I was sorry for making you angry or whatever

I am saying sorry to you !
I said SORRY to you !
What you want ?!

I am angry with you
I am angry with myself too
How come I am not strong enough ?

Should i give you up ?
Shu Meen Dar asked me never give up
But can i affort it ?
Unknown And Undefind

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Well I don't smoke

My tears drop easily
I love you so ?

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