21 July 2009

Give Up ?

Feel wanna write something since i am so damn free now
Haha !

We are having monthly test this few days, but i just simply read through it
I really don't have the effort to study for whole day or whole night
I rather sleep earlier

Yesterday, my friend - GBoy, he told me that he coupled adi !
With a girl - MLui from our school
Damn shocked after i heard that and i was going to crazy
But what can i say ?
Didn't say much and just wished them all the best

Yesterday, i went out with my dad and met his friends who just came back from France
Uncle Frankie is damn Leng Zai and friendly too
Hard to communicate with him since i couldn't speak proper English ?
Ok, i admit that !

Uncle Frankie invited us to stay with them at France and work together
I was like O_O and i looked at my dad
Are you going to move to there ?!
Luckily my dad rejected
Suppose to say my dad wanna consider about it
And this is not the 1st time Uncle Frankie asked about it

" But my youngest daughter going . "
" Me ?! ( point at myself . ) "
" YEA ! don't forget about the test . "
" Fine, i rmb that . "

Cheers !

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Beer mari .
3 people finished ...
5 bottles or 6 bottles ?
I can't rmb it, Blur-ing that time
Reached home around 12am
The night was still young, but my dad asked me to sleep early

Lying in the bad, thinking about something

Should i ignore all the LOVE and concentrate on my study ?
Should i give up on him since i can't get the answer ?
Should i stop fooling around and fooling myself ?
Or should i sleep and stop thinking all this ?
Well, i chose the last wan, SLEEP !

Closed my eyes, tears dropped .

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Always love to go to school
Not because of study, just because i can play and joke with my friends
Derek, Bryan, Ming Cheng, Ah Chua and i were discussing about the Ghost !
Hotel 626, The Shooter, Ghost Train, Bloody Mary ...
Any kind of On9-games, movies and stories
Khun Khai, Daniel, Siliang them also discussed the same thing as us

Damn scary but made me laughed like hell too !
Especially their expression !
Bryan made his eyes bigger and BIGGER

Went home after school
Did some revision for Chemistry but i really couldn't und
On9 !

Didn't chat with him today .
Day 1 .
I am going to cry !
T _____________ T

I don't know did he read my bloggie
But i have to say it !

I am damn fucking LOVE you !

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Ignore me pls ?

Girls, please be considerate a bit
Your BF just didn't say Bye to you, then you get angry
Said " Your mother important than me izit ?! "
Damn, his mother sure important than you lar
She born him out, ok ?
So ..
* SIGH *
Ignore me once again please ?

Having tuition later
Jonathan not coming
I think i will be quite boring later .

I don't have much time
I don't even know what i want .
Apa lu mau ?!

Pergi Emo.
Ghaaaaaaaaaa !




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Shumeen said...

u cant leave dar =(

Eugene ! said...

i wont leave you darling .

eminey626 said...

altough i duno hu is it
but i feel tat u luv him so much
say wan giv up
but is hard ><

思 meow said...


Eugene ! said...

Aww ~ thnx for ur support !
appreciate .

Lazybei said...


Eugene ! said...

haha !
if i wanna cry, i will find u